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Samsung Smart Classroom Web Application

Samsung Smart Classroom Web Application


Online educational platform for content exchange and interaction between
students and teachers


Project goals

  • To create a online platform with practical application in the
    learning process at school and at home.
  • To cover all interactions between teachers and students and create a system that
    can potentially replace printed class books, exams, grading, books etc.
  • To ensure great usability by creating an intuitive user interface.
  • To bring the education system in Bulgaria to the digital age.

Project features

  • Three types of accounts – teachers, students and administrators.


Teachers can:

  • Split their students into groups
  • Send public messages
  • Make a learning plan
  • Upload resources
  • Administer tests
  • Give homework and select due date
  • Give grades
Students can:

  • Study by browsing through uploaded lessons
  • Do homework and upload it
  • Do tests within a set time period
  • Download resources

Technologies used

Dashboard screen

The first screen that appears after clicking on a course. The dashboard shows all
the information about the course, as well as latest resources, homework, tests,
messages and updates in the lesson plan.
he left pannel is seen in every screen and is used to navigate through
the whole content of the course.


The screen shows all the homework assignments in a table format.
Teachers can add, edit, set due dates, while students can filter through homework,
if needed and, of course, do homework.


Tests are presented in the same table format. For teachers the most important
actions are positioned on the top, every test when clicked shows all
students that took it, as well as their grades, or a “grade” button,


All uploads, ordered by date. Students can only download (they can upload files
only when doing homework). Teachers manage uploads

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