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Plug-in for the Qgis open-source Geographic Information System

Plug-in for the Qgis open-source Geographic Information System

The plug-in loads vector layers from a local PostgreSQL database. The layers can be edited by only one user at a time, which eliminates mistakes by multiple users and doesn’t require local files.

Project features

  • Works perfectly with vector database
  • Interface uses layer-based data
  • The plug-in doesn’t store data localy
  • User prioritization


How it works:


Users start the plug-in, it hides all menus and tools and shows a log-in form. After getting the login data the plug-in establishes connection with the database, recognizes the user type and shows tolls and menus accordingly.


A logged-in user can open all layer groups and see when they were last edited, who edited them and are they currently available for editing. He/she can proceed to editing an unlocked layer group.


When the user choses a layer group the plugin loads all sub layers (in our specific case these layer groups are neiborhoods and the sub layers are water pipe and other systems). They are available for editing and expansion. Once the work is complete the layers become available for other users again.

Technologies used:

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