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Maiko Mila Pregnancy app

Maiko Mila Pregnancy app

Ionic application for iOS and Android

Developed to help young mothers with their pregnancy by structuring and organizing their tasks and appointments, providing useful properly-timed information, tracking symptoms and more.


Technologies used:

Welcome screen

After registration, the app welcomes you with information about your pregnancy – week, size of fetus, remaining days.


Presents daily and weekly articles, made and time scheduled through the content management system. Also gives quick access to main functionalities and upcoming scheduled events.


All information about the fetus and stage of pregnancy. Slide left or right to change pregnancy week. Access to Kick Timer and Name List functionalities.


Quick links to post categories, blog articles slider, latest files from medical checks and “My Belly” image upload section for tracking pregnancy progress.


Easy access to all information uploaded through the pregnancy – uploaded images and examination files, along with weekly articles. Slide left right for previous/next week.


Incorporates additional functionalities, developed for the specific needs of the audience.

Kick counter

Users record kicks by pressing the button. The app keeps a full history of kicks – number per day, accurate time of kicks.

Contractions timer

Track contractions by holding the button while having them. The app keeps full history of contractions – time date, number, and duration.

Ready for baby

Online shop functionality, completed with filter, cart and checkout pages. The app integrates products from

Name list

Comprehensive list of name ideas. Includes simple filtering and “add to favorites” functionality.

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