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Maggi recipe app for iOS and Android

Maggi recipe app for iOS and Android

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Project goals

  • To create a Maggi branded recipe application that can be used by both iPhone and Android users.
  • To include useful functionalities, that come in handy for the home chef in all stages of the cooking process – from picking up groceries to serving a finished dish.
  • To create fun and engaging design, that makes working with the app easy and enjoyable.

Project features

  • A continuously growing database of over 1600 recipes.
  • Recipe categorization by type of meal, occasion, rating.
  • Search by type, prep time, ingredients.
  • User accounts that allow recipe rating, favorite recipes list, adding own recipes, sharing.
  • Meal planner – gives the user the opportunity to plan his/hers cooking throughout the week.
  • Shopping list – a list of products for the day’s shopping. The user can add, delete or scratch while in the supermarket. All the ingredients from a recipe can be added with a single tap.
  • Fridge – this functionality allows the user to search for recipes by typing in available ingredients.
  • Maggi scanner – the user can scan the barcodes of Maggi products and browse through recipes that include them.
  • Maggi tips – publications from Maggi authors with tips and tricks from the trade.
  • An easy to use content management system

Technologies used:

Maggi Kitchen

Serving the purpose of a menu screen, Maggi kitchen gives access to all functionalities. Links are presented as common kitchen items, contributing to the overall theme of fun and joy.

Categories screen

Shows all categories, presented by a picture and text for easier recognition. The pictures are in tiles, in a scrollable list held by a chef. Top positions are given to a “add recipe”, “my recipes” and “favorites” buttons, which stay static when scrolling.

Maggi Fridge

The screen presents the unique functionality of searching for recipes by entering one or many ingredients. Users tab the input box on the top and enter the name of a product, than just shake the device and a list of recipes is presented. The text input is made easy by auto suggestions from a library of ingredients.

Shopping list

Ingredients can be added by taping the button on the bottom or taping the “add to shopping list” button on any recipe. Users can scratch off items while shopping and than shake the device to remove them after the list is completed.

Recipes list

Recipes are presented by picture, name, rating and prep time in a scrollable list. On the bottom we have buttons for searching by name, filtering by prep time and category.

Single recipes

Full information about the recipe – picture, ingredients, instructions and comments.
The four buttons below the picture are “add to favorites”, “ad to meal plan”, “rate” and “share”.
The “add to shopping list” button is placed right after the ingredients list.

Meal planner

Recipes are added by the red button on the screen or by pressing the”add to meal plan” button on any recipe. Planned meals can be seen by vertical scrolling, while shifting through the days of the week is done by side scrolling.

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