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Jolyy brings the beauty industry in Bulgaria into the digital era.
Users browse through a continuously expanding database of parlors, salons, spas and reserve services to their liking, for a time and date of their convenience. Business owners can control their schedule at any time and anyplace by using the specially developed application.

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Client: JOLYY

Project goals

  • Develop great user experience to ensure an easy process of discovering, reserving and purchasing beauty services for an audience that is typically discouraged from these types of online interactions.

  • Ensure easy management of vendor page, schedules and reservations by business owners.

  • Create a functionality base that meets the expectations of client, audience, and businesses.
  • Create an easy-to-work-with interface and an adequate design that fits the platform’s scope and takes into account the target audience.

Main project features

  • 3 types of user profiles – clients/businesses/admins
  • Advanced search filter allows users to search services by name, location, category, parlor name, time and date of availability, names of used beauty products, specialists and more

  • Advanced booking system, allowing users to book a service on a specific date and time and also choose witch staff member performs it.
  • Online Schedule for businesses showing all reservations made by clients
  • Extensive financial analytics
  • Secure online payment
  • SMS verification system on first payment for improved security
  • E-wallet system
  • Email notification system

The platform

The end user can search for desired services and reserve them. Searching is made easy by a simple home page search box and a wide-option filter in the inner pages.
The reservation process allows choice of time and date also a choice of particular specialist from the chosen vendor.
At some point, the user must register in order to make a reservation. To encourage registrations we made an easy and quick registration process by asking for minimal information and giving the option of Facebook registration.
Registered businesses can manage their accounts, personal pages, and schedule through a comprehensive admin panel and also remotely by using the app.

The app

The app is used by the employees of registered businesses. It gives them the opportunity to easily manage their schedules. They can create new reservations through the app with a few easy steps. They also can change the time and date of existing reservations or discard them.
Push notifications ensure that the specialists are always on top their schedule.

Technologies used:

Home screen

The page starts with a search bar. Users can search by procedure name, vendor name, location. We give the opportunity to find desired services right from the first screen. If a user doesn’t want to search for a procedure we interest them with a section where we present the service categories than a grid of vendors with high ratings.

Filtered results

Once users search for procedures they see a list of vendors. The services shown with a vendor are ones that meet the specifications of the search. Users can filter by procedure name, vendor name, location, category, subcategory, beauty product brand by the filter on the left.

Vendor screen

The personal page of every vendor. Businesses can upload brand assets – logo, gallery of photos. Their rating and services are shown. Users can also see location, employed specialists, comments from other users. They also can filter services by specialist.

Payment screen

Added to cart services are always shown during the payment process to make it ensuring. Clear and understandable interface and multiple payment options are made to maximally reduce the drop-out rate at this stage.

Vendor registrarion

To attract businesses the page shows key selling points of the marketplace in an attractive manner. The main effort was to clearly show the perks for business owners and stimulate registration.

Reservation pop-up

The screen shows up when a user clicks “reserve” on a service. Here users choose which of the available specialists they want to perform the service, date and time. To avoid confusion name of the service and price are shown as well as the same “reserve” button.

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