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Hospital app for iOS and Android

Hospital app for iOS and Android

Developed to improove the patient experience at a major German hospital chain by organizing all the vital information and guiding patients across the complex hospitalization procedures.

Client: Major German hospital chain (150 hospitals)

Project goals

  • Create a multi-platform application for the patients at the clients’ hospital.
  • Incorporate a vast amount of information regarding each patients’ condition, procedures, preperation tasks and aftercare tips
  • Create a streamlined design with great usability that both young and old users will find easy to work with.

Project features

  • Customized content according to department and condition that users fill in.
  • In-app brochure of the hospital structured in topics.
  • Brochure information accessible by full-page-scrolling.
  • Checklist functionality with ordered and time-stamped tasks that the user can check as “done”.
  • Notifications about checklist items.
  • Custom notifications for tasks set by the user.
  • Built-in user feedback system for further improvements.

Technologies used:

Stay information

Users choose department they’re in, entry date and duration of their stay. Implementation of pop-up screens with available options, sliding date and number pickers make the process fast and easy.

Main screen

Shows general and contact information about the hospital as well as links to the checklist and brochure. The links are prioritized by creating contrast with the background and remain static when scrolling through the information.


The screen presents all tasks that have to be done by the patient. They are grouped into chapters according to their application and chronological order. Users can mark them as “done”, receive notifications if they are behind schedule and set time to be notified for each task they need to do.

Brochure main screen

The information is split into chapters to improove user experience. After a chapter is read, the app notifies the user by a different visual representation.

Brochure inner screen

The full information for each chapter is presented in small chunks in order to avoid overwhelming the user.

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